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Drone surveying uses aerial footage to detect ground features not easily recognized at ground level.

Drone aerophotogrammetry is applied in numerous fields such ascartography, geology, archaeology, hydrographic surveying, pollution surveying, and vegetation status.

The output of photogrammetry is usually a map or 3D model of buildings, land, quarries, monuments.

Drone aerophotogrammetry for mapping creation

Drone aerophotogrammetry has proven to be a powerful tool not only for aerial imaging, but also for creating precise mappings that once would have been possible only with expensive aerial means and a large amount of human labor.

Due to the ability to fly at low altitude, drone surveying can be used for creating agricultural crop mapping and vegetation health monitoring.

Even in the field of archaeology, drone surveying will detect, more than the human eye, traces and contours of buried remains. Minimal reliefs or differences in growth in vegetation will indicate the most interesting areas for excavation.

The system used during the drone survey is Planimetric (or vertical).

The axis of the optical unit is perpendicular to the earth's surface. The shots are taken at high altitudes, with the option of longer shutter speeds. Given the large distance from the ground, the rendering is almost planimetric, except for slight perspective distortions at the edges of the image.

Through drone surveying with GPS systems, different types of results can be achieved:

  • DEM / DTM / DSM (surface models)
  • Orthophotos (for geospatial data)
  • 3D building models
  • 3D modeling of vegetation
  • Volumetric surveys of quarries
Piazza Mercato - Aerofotogrammetria con drone

Some of the best applications of drone aero-photogrammetry are:

  • Forest planning and management
  • Pollution modeling
  • Mapping and mapping
  • Urban planning
  • Coastal management
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Quarries and minerals
  • Archaeology
  • Cellular network planning

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