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In recent years, drone video production has emerged as one of the most spectacular and effective marketing and communication techniques, especially in the construction industry. With their ability to offer a breathtaking aerial perspective, drones are revolutionizing the creation of visual content for both television and the Web, transforming ordinary construction companies into visually stunning digital storefronts.

Our drone video making service is ideal for: Corporate Videos, Commercials for TV and the Web, Documentaries of otherwise inaccessible areas and territories.

Udrone's video production service caters to all local and national television stations producing programs and television news and commercials that want to supplement audiovisual footage from the ground, with panoramic videos shot from the air.

The resulting footage will be completely unique and will be able to highlight the size and scale of your facility and those details of the landscape that would otherwise be impossible to reach and fix through the camera.

Additional service we offer is drone rental with video camera for 360° filming. Shooting 360° is a very immersive approach, which gives your customers the opportunity to enter via a virtual tour inside your store directly.

In addition to drone rental, we offer a full service for making your finished video: video operators and post production. Perfectionism and creativity, which are a characteristic of our editing, will build extremely interesting videos with out-of-the-ordinary features.

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