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Drone sports shooting: to experience sports from unique perspectives

In the vast field of sports, technology has always played a crucial role in the evolution of its representation and in satisfying the visual appetite of fans. Lately, a new face has materialized in aerial cameras: drones. These small but powerful flying devices are transforming the experience of watching sporting events, giving us a unique and immersive viewpoint.

The benefits of drone filming in sports? Enhanced visual experiences, unique perspectives, action and motion capture, and real-time analysis.

Nothing like drone video can excite and enthuse just as much as those attending a race or outdoor sporting event.

The competitors, the course, the places, the spectators , everything will be filmed from a new and spectacular point of view, which is impossible to achieve with a shot from the ground.

Cycling, car or motorcycle races, skiing/snowboarding, golf tournaments, beach volleyball, soccer and rugby matches, running and athletic competitions will be captured by our drone videos and will make the most exciting and the most entertaining moments unforgettable in the memory, succeeding in creating, for the viewer, an overall view impossible to obtain by any other means.

In addition to the possibility of aerial filming, our drone services provide the ability to create a complete story of the sporting event.

Experienced video operators will also be able to follow the entire event from the ground, using professional video cameras and action cams.

The drone footage and ground footage will then be edited into a single original and unique film.

Possibility of live streaming drone footage

video con drone
Fisherman’s Friend Strongmanrun, Rovereto (TN) – video frame with drone

With our drone videos the moment of the start or finish, the most spectacular shots and performances of the athletes, and the progress of the race can be followed like never before and remain in the memory of the spectators, but also of the athletes, as indelible and absolutely perfect moments.

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