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Our drone services are the result of excellent quality at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and attention to their demands are our priority. Below you can find all the services in which we are most specialized.

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Advertise Companies and Businesses with Drone

Drones are ideal for publicizing a company or any other business activity, captivating your audience with unique and exciting aerial videos and photos.

Drones for Tourism Promotions

The use of drones is particularly ideal for promoting tourist facilities and enhancing resort areas or regions.

Drones for Environmental Monitoring

Drone services for construction or agricultural inspections are aimed at both public and private entities. Ideal for environmental checks and inspections, monitoring of otherwise inaccessible areas, aerial photogrammetry and surveys of all types. Aerial shots will be taken over the territory of architectural structures, buildings and topography of an area. The result will be to obtain detailed images for targeted inspections and surveys.

Events, Fairs and Sporting Events

Trade shows, concerts, events and sports filming are other examples of the drone's incredible versatility of use.

UDrone by your side for any need

The world can be told in a thousand ways: but certainly a picture stays alive in our minds and memories longer than words...

Videos and beautiful photos taken from above, with a very strong visual impact, will give extraordinary prominence to your enterprise because of their immediate appeal.

What are the advantages of relying on UDrone?

1. With our drone services we can take videos and photos from dangerous positions and heights, which would be very difficult to reach even just using more common and conventional means, such as ladder cars for example.

2. Our aerial filming drones are environmentally friendly because the power supply is exclusively electric and there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

3. Our services allow you to film hard-to-reach areas. We have the ability to take off from any position being vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles , therefore, even taking off or landing from or on rough terrain or even from or on the sea, poses no problem.

4. UDrone is able to take off within minutes of the operator's arrival at the shooting location, minimizing disturbance to the surrounding environment and necessitating extremely short client downtime.

5. Our drone services provide you with high quality video and ensure excellent stability of footage even in strong windy conditions.

6. Our drone services also include the entire post production process of the video shot: video editing, compositing, editing, color correction, audio, soundtrack. The client can intervene in all stages of post production, participating directly in the editing process. The end result will be a highly communicative and personalized video that, depending on requirements, can be made in different formats and adapted to different modes of presentation, without losing quality.


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