Professional drone pilots for high-quality footage

UDrone is based in Milan and specializes in aerial drone photography and filming. It operates throughout the country through a network of licensed drone pilots.

SAPRs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), are a few years old but increasingly being used for a variety of uses.

Video filming for advertising or documentary purposes, events, tourism promotion, monitoring, surveillance and land mapping, civil defense, tele-rescue, photographic surveys, film, television, and more!

Technology and creativity: our strengths

We have been using drone aerial filming technology for a long time, guaranteeing quality, reliable and safe service and producing beautiful aerial photos and absolutely unique videos taken from perspectives impossible to obtain with traditional technologies.

Technology and creativity are the winning combination of UDrone's professional reality. We use only high-tech drones with 4k equipment, 360°, gimbals, professional stabilizers and GPS by means of which we are able to achieve smooth yet stable footage and extremely defined aerial photos.

They already chose UDrone

The strong visual impact of our videos and images, is also due to the perfectpost-photographic processing and editing of the photos and aerial drone shots, which is the final stage that completes, perfects and enriches our works.

Compared to all other aerial filming technologies, including the rental of the more traditional crane (for building inspection services), we can maintain absolutely and drastically reduced costs, moreover, achieving much closer and more versatile filming.

ENAC Recognition

Seriousness and professionalism of the operator, who is insured with liability policy, are guaranteed by obtaining ENAC qualification according to current regulations as of 30/04/2014.

UDrone operates in Milan and throughout the country.

Aerial shooting with drone

We are recognized by ENAC as an SAPR operator with IT-STS Open A2 Remote Pilot Competence Certificate.

D’flight reference: ITEYD2IscR

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