Video Production

Realization of 4K videos with strong visual impact

UDrone not only does the filming but also offers video production and post-production service.

Emotions from every angle

Drone videos have quickly become a popular commercial promotion vehicle for companies.

On YouTube channels one can see countless of them, so much so that in the end they all look a bit alike. Not least because, by their very nature, these devices allow for flawless aerial shots, but without being able to delve into the details of what is on the ground.

But what if that is the need? How do you go about filming at close range a person speaking at an event, or the details of a machine on a production line, or even the skilled hands of a beautician at work?

The answer comes from Udrone's video production service.

To flawlessly combine scenes shot from all angles and altitudes, the company uses a sophisticated device called the DJI Ronin. It is a versatile tool that allows for maximum image stability and fluidity, both at human height and in the air.

With this little technological gem, it is possible to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible, achieving perfect results even in the tightest spaces. It is thus possible, for example, to film the different industrial processes of a factory, enhancing its interior and exterior spaces with images of considerable emotional impact.

Thanks to the technical and creative skills of its team and this state-of-the-art equipment, Udrone specializes in creating unique videos with a strong personality. Just like your company.

Udrone's videos enable increased visibility and sharing through social networks and the Web, thus effectively supporting digital marketing strategies.

Video Produzione

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