Drone inspections

Drone building inspections for private construction and public works

Aerial drone inspections: what you need to know

Our drone aerial filming service may prove most useful if you work in the field of private construction or public works.

You can contact our drone rental service with pilot to monitor a construction site and the progress of work (an example of drone monitoring and aerial filming in Milan is the Expo area), or inspect the condition of a building or roof on behalf of condominium management, construction land, or real estate.

Drone roof inspection

In the construction industry, among the various drone inspections, that involving roofs is an essential practice that ensures the safety and health of structures, as well as the optimization of maintenance costs. Traditionally, these inspections require time, specialized personnel, and sometimes put human safety at risk, especially when dealing with large buildings or particular types.

But drone technology has come to offer an innovative solution to these problems, completely revolutionizing the way rooftop inspection is conducted and bringing with it a host of advantages in both operational efficiency and data accuracy. From lower costs and time savings to greater accuracy and a human hazard assessment.

noleggio droni
Roof inspection (MI) with drone rental

Monitoring infrastructure and major works

Our cone drone inspection service will also be able to be used in the field of major works.

Monitoring and inspection of infrastructure (dams, wind turbines, viaducts, bridges, refineries, quarries, overhead power lines) usually, is done from the ground or by helicopter and is time-consuming and costly.

Udrone's drone rental will know how to intervene with great care and professionalism for an inspection with one of our drones. This will know how to indicate, if necessary, where to perform maintenance, reducing time and costs and potential dangers, compared to a more traditional intervention using scaffolding and scaffolding, cranes and escalators, or even helicopters with specialized personnel.

Footage taken from above and footage obtained, through drone rental, can also, again in the field of construction and real estate agencies, represent and publicize new properties and residential complexes, highlighting their location, surrounding places and more specific features, in particular, of exteriors (swimming pools, tennis courts, gardens and parks).

Also discover drone aero-photogrammetry service!

noleggio droni
Wind turbine blade inspection with drone rental

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