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In the field of tourism promotion, aerial images have become expendable currency for gaining public attention. And videos made with drones are as spectacular as they are effective ways of imparting beauty to an area or accommodation facility. Travelers in the 21st century want to experience something close to the reality of what they see online, and videos show them traveling as they would as protagonists.

Our drone filming and photo service is ideal for any tourist or entertainment facility but also for entities or municipalities that wish to promote their area.

Advertising, in order for it to be effective and determine the success of the promotional action of a territory, a place, a hotel, a tourist facility, a travel destination, must enhance its positive and characterizing elements, its aspects of variety and quality, its uniqueness, but above all it must involve and excite, capturing the attention of the viewer. Drone footage of your places or facilities will succeed in deeply affecting the imagination of your audience. Udrone, through the images obtained by drone footage, will create for you extraordinary and unusual films and photos with great visual power. You will be able to promote tourism in an absolutely unprecedented and new way: territory, hotels, agritourism, entertainment facilities, everything about tourism in your area, will be able to be enhanced and highlighted.

Riprese con Drone
Lake Lova

Our proposal is not only aimed at tourist accommodation facilities such as hotels, agritourisms, residences and vacation homes, but also at municipalities, tourist promotion bodies and pro loco of each region. Supplementing the information and news written on the web or in your brochure with a video or a series of unusual photos will undoubtedly constitute something unique and special that will win the attention of the reader. Images and drone footage are immediate and far more powerful than words and will indelibly imprint themselves in the minds and hearts of the viewer.

We show below some drone footage taken for a project to promote the Camonica Valley area.

Oglio River cycleway in the Passo Tonale - Vello section on Lake Iseo.

Route from Borno to Lake Lova.

Have you ever thought of advertising your facility using aerial drone footage?

Have you ever thought of advertising your facility using aerial drone footage?

Nothing, more than footage shot by drones with a fresh perspective and from unseen angles, will strike the imagination of the viewer.

The close-range aerial shot we make for your hotel will create original images, highlighting interesting and hidden details of your facility.

The images on your site, from this kind of perspective, will leave a much more accurate impression on the net surfer than the most accurate of descriptions or the static nature of a photograph.

Through our 'drone rental with pilot' service you will enhance the outdoor environment of your hotel, resort or farmhouse and its location: the garden and park, the panoramic terraces, the parking lot, the swimming pool or the ski lifts in the mountains, the countryside or the neighborhood , the streets and alleys in the city or in the country, surrounding it.

You will be able to highlight the most interesting artistic and scenic places in the surroundings : sea, mountains, countryside, natural parks, lakes, monuments and squares...

Like in a movie, your tourist facility will become the protagonist of an extraordinarily original and new video made by our 'drone rental with pilot' service.

This, too, can make a difference in advertising....

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