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We take drone photos for every need

Our drone services include aerial photography for companies, events, accommodation, landscaping and environmental monitoring.

Using drone photos we also carry out building, viaduct, bridge and construction site inspections and surveys with panoramic views at different heights for antenna installations and/or to view the area of interest in a short time. With the use of specific software it is then possible to combine the photos and create a 360° or panoramic view of the area of interest. Aerial photos are also used to map land, construction sites, archaeological sites or create 3D models.

  • Photos in jpg and raw format
  • Post production
  • Printing and posters available on request

Construction • Real Estate • Architecture • Ispections

Drone photography in construction: innovation and precision from above

The integration of drone technology into the building industry and architecture is revolutionising the way architects, construction companies and engineers design projects and manage construction sites. The drone, once considered a mere technological toy, has rapidly become a key tool in various professional fields, particularly in construction and building. The ability to capture images and data from above opens up new perspectives for monitoring, planning and promoting architectural projects.

The importance of drone photography in construction

Drones offer an unparalleled overview, allowing the context and scale of projects to be appreciated from a unique vantage point. High-resolution images help in the following areas:

  • Planning and design
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Marketing and sales

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Commercial • Marketing • Events

Use of drones in events and marketing: a vision that revolutionises the market

The landscape of marketing and visual events has been transformed with the arrival of drones, which offer otherwise impossible perspectives and capture the imagination of customers in unprecedented ways.

The added value of Aerial Photography

With a drone, the sky becomes your new photographic studio. Aerial images offer a spectacular viewpoint that can enhance any advertising message or branding campaign.

Differentiate your brand: companies that adopt drone photography in their visual strategies stand out from the competition. This technique allows them to create distinctive content that can enhance brand perception and provide a better defined company profile.

Taking events to new levels: corporate events, trade fairs and product launches gain added value thanks to drones. Photos and videos taken from an aerial perspective provide an engaging and exciting visual narrative, expanding the media impact of the event.

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Tourism & Territory

Revolutionising tourism and enhancing the territory with drones

Drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), offer an entirely new perspective, allowing for the capture of breathtaking aerial images and immersive videos that can be used to showcase the beauty of a location, an area or a tourist facility in previously unimaginable ways.

The use of drones in tourism and land promotion leads to advantages such as:

  • More impactful images
  • Innovative virtual tours
  • Experiential promotion
  • Access to remote locations
  • Unique perspectives
  • Dynamic storytelling

Tourism & Territory Gallery

The Enchantment of 360: a new perspective

One of the latest trends gaining momentum in the age of digital imaging is 360-degree photography by drones.

The 360 drone photo is not just a photo shoot - it is an immersive experience that takes the viewer on a 360-degree visual journey, offering a complete panorama like never before possible. The drone soars through the air, capturing its surroundings in every direction, creating images that can be explored and interacted with dynamically.

360 photos have vast fields of application, from real estate and tourism to event organisation and marketing. For companies, they represent a powerful marketing tool, offering customers a unique and engaging experience.

Below are some examples of 360 photos with a drone.

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